M!A: Human - Open RP

Vincent was curled up on the couch, his little fluffy, balled up body keeping him warm as he slept. In the morning he was woke up by a surprise. His fur was gone and slightly tanned skin replaced it. He also felt bigger too. He felt like he wasn’t an animal. 

Finally he looked down and looked at the naked human body he was now made of laying on the couch. He gasped and let out a yell as he freaked out. He freaked out even more to hear his deep voice in a human language, the one Nemesis spoke to him all the time. Suddenly he heard feet coming down and grabbed a blanket and set it on his lap to hide his exposed genital. He looked to his sweet master with his deep brown eyes, scared.

She watched him back before it clicked in her head. Magic anons. “Hold on Vincent, Let me get you some clothing.” She smiled and disappeared into her room. 

She dressed him in a nice, white, button up shirt and black pants. He wore a red wrist band on his left wrist. Brushing his shoulder length black hair out sort of like her Big brothers and smiled when she was done. He looked like a dashing young man with his dark eyes, sweetly gazing to her.

"I’m going to go out okay." He said. "Stroll around a bit." He stood up and walked out of the bathroom. "Will you need anything?"

"No, Vince." She smiled. "Just remember how to get back home okay." She added and gave him a quick, friendly kiss on the cheek to her favorite little buddy.

He strolled out and waled around the streets looking all around a a few girls watched him and smiled and giggled. He only smiled back and ket walking until he found the monument for the Meteor. He stopped and looked at it for a long while.