(This blog can take place at any time in Nemesis's life, Is part of Final Fantasy 7 and Okami fandom.) RP Blog for an 24 year old O.C. named Nemesis Angels (the human incarnation of a Goddess named Loveless) born on May 27th, and her Ermine, Vincent (read backstory for more). I'm RP with anyone who would like to RP with me. Human Face Claim: Candice Accola from Vampire Diaries.

True Loveless
Smooth Rum Runner - Aganetah45

The waves rolled over the sand and crashed over themselves. The sand was warm under the midday sun. A lone umbrella and beach chair sat on the tropical coast. A girl from snowy Kaido with white and black hair rested in the umbrella’s shade. Nemesis sighed closing her eyes. Her creamy body was clad in a white bikini with a blue and black hibiscus design on one breast and on her bottoms. A smile formed on her lips as she enjoyed her much needed vacation that was not just for the human form of her. 

A song played in the back ground and she listened to it following all the notes and the words. She giggled lightly at it as images formed in her mind of having a little fun on the beach. She was the only one on the beach and there was a beach house just down the sand that she had rented for her vacation so that was an idea her mind had not left out.

Santana featuring Rob Thomas - Smooth

A servant of the resort she was enjoying herself at walked over to her carrying a tray. On the tray sat a nice, cold Rum Runner she had requested earlier. He held out the sunset colored drink in a cocktail glass to her. The drink was garnished with a small slice of orange and a cherry, a beautiful display. She smiled as she took it from him, her hand cupping the glass at the top of the stem, and sipped a bit from it while the servant left her alone again. It was wonderful, not the best she’s had but very close. She looked out to the ocean as she set the drink next to her on the arm of the chair. She watched the waves roll. It was a nice day and the waves seemed perfect for a surfer. The cool breeze blew gently across the coast, barely disturbing anything. She sighed softly as she took in the scene of the day.